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Alogliptin  (Vipidia) - Formulary DPP4 inhibitors (gliptins)
Alogliptin / metformin  (Vipdomet) - Formulary DPP4 inhibitors (gliptins)
Alclometasone  (Modrasone) - Non Formulary Topical corticosteriods. 13.04
Alcohol  (Surgical spirit BP) - Non Formulary Alcohols and saline 13.11.01
Algesal  (Topical gel) - Non Formulary Topical NSAIDs and counter-irritants 10.03.02
Alglucosidase Alfa  (Myozyme) - Non Formulary Pompe disease 09.08.01
Alicalm  - Non Formulary Specialised formulas for specific clinical conditions A2.03.02